:: Rooms & Events ::

**The Fantasy Room**  
A monthly event, full of new releases with discounted prices (less than 100L$) , all carefully located in a lovely magic forest. We want to bring our customers amazing items focused in fantasy, medieval and gorean stuff, perfect for their daily roleplay: clothing, hairs, accessories, weapons, furniture and props, etc. So come on and explore by yourself! There are new realeases in each round, from 5th till 25th every month!

:: Suicide Dolls Room Location ::
A bi-weekly event that offers SL's finest items when it comes to the darker side of life. If you are adult and love kinky, nasty, naughty, sexy, bitchy, slutty, fetishes of all kinds, rock and goth, tattoos and piercings...whatever comes into your mind that does not fit into the normal range of everyday life... You must visit this!

Every Saturday every shop joining the 30L Saturday event will offer at least one item at the price of 30 Lindens dollars on their stores. For more info about it, just come to my store and click on 30L Saturday subscriber!

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