lunes, 25 de agosto de 2014

*Fantasy Gactha Carnival* August Round

This August comes another round of *The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival*. As you remember the sim is full of gatcha machines from many designers! The event will run during August month, so dont worry if you are on vacation, the carnival will be there when you come back again. :)

First gatcha for Fantasy Gatcha Carnival. ::Axix:: Mushu Set with different colors of necklaces, belts, staffs. All items includes a HUD to change medallion and rope colors, in staffs the HUD changes orb & chains color. Of course its unisex item, so you can modify the size to adjust to your avatar. Only 50L$ Per try! See the picture for more info :)

Second gatcha machine for the event ::Axix:: Akhan Set that looks wonderful both in male and females, there are 3 different colors of face & ears piercings, and two versions of necklaces.Rares & ultra rares are Akhan shoulders in common or special color hud with additional colors. 50L$ Per play! Good luck!  

sábado, 12 de julio de 2014

**Fantasy Room** July

Hello! Here comes new release for another round of the **Fantasy Room**. Female model pose pack that will be avaiable for 70L$ just during the event, 5th to 25th of july.

Taxi to **Fantasy Room**

And there are more news! Im very happy to announce that from now that ::Axix:: participates on 30L Saturday. Every Saturday every shop joining the 30L Saturday event will offer at least one item at the
price of 30 Lindens dollars on their stores. For more info about it, just come to my store and click on 30L Saturday subscriber!


miércoles, 11 de junio de 2014

**Fantasy Room** June

Greetings friends!

As every month, I wanna show you the new release for the **Fantasy Room**, jewelery set of 4 dragon pieces. There are 5 different versions, Silver, Gold, Copper, Jade & Onix, just 70L$ each one. Remember that this release will be avalaible with this special price just during the event, 5th till 25th July!

domingo, 11 de mayo de 2014

*Fantasy Gactha Carnival*

May is protagoniced by *The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival* where the sim is full of many designers and their gatcha machines! The event will run during this month, so be patient if the sim still full all the time! lol :P

There are my new gactha releases for Fantasy Gatcha Carnival. ::Axix:: Maev Set with 3 different versions of face chains in 4 color each one, rares & ultra rares are Maev Halos in common or special colors. Only 50L$ Per try! Good luck!

This is my second gatcha machine for the event ::Axix:: Morpheus Set that looks wonderful both in male and females, there are 8 different versions of neck tattoo, rares & ultra rares are Morpheu Face Straps in common or special color hud with additional colors. 50L$ Per play! Good luck!

viernes, 9 de mayo de 2014

Summary of the latest news!

Hello all!

Hope you missed me! I have return and im going to update the blog with last releases and news about the store. Do not lose touch! ;)

First of all I wanna present our new room : **The Fantasy Room**  its a monthly event, full of new releases with discounted prices (less than 100L$) , all carefully located in a lovely magic forest. We want to bring our customers amazing items focused in fantasy, medieval and gorean stuff, perfect for their daily roleplay: clothing, hairs, accessories, weapons, furniture and props, etc. So come on and explore by yourself! There are new realeases in each round, from 5th till 25th every month!

So below I show you my releases for previous rounds which you can find at the store right now :)

 Unisex tattoo compatible with lolas.

Tirbal Hairpin Mihara.

To continue, if you have gatcha machine fever do not miss these ones! Unisex Hood & necklaces, and single or couple poses for warriors. Weapons included!

So you are looking for new poses? There are four new releases for best models & photographs of SL! Lord & Lady Crow pack includes the crows to take your own pictures.


miércoles, 15 de enero de 2014

::Axix:: MoCap AO [Invictus]

Have been working for a long time... but finally new release for males! First motion capture AO Hope you like it!
Despues de mucho trabajo... porfin la novedad para los chicos! El primer AO hecho por captura de movimiento.Espero que os guste!

::AXIX:: MoCap AO [Invictus] contains 28 motion capture animations & stands, all sexy, original and full animated!!
Try all of them inworld visiting :: Axix :: Mainstore You can also visit Elise Mannequin Youtube channel to see DEMO video.
 ::AXIX:: MoCap AO [Invictus] contiene 28 animaciones y stands hechos con captura de movimiento, todas sexys, originales y completamente animadas!! 
Pruébatelas todas visitando la tienda en el mundo :: Axix :: Mainstore Tambien puedes visitar el Youtube channel de Elise Mannequin para ver el video DEMO.

 AO Includes:

7 different & original MoCap stands
3 Walks
1 Run
1 Fly
1 Fly Up
1 Fly Down
2 Sits
1 Ground sit
1 Hover
1 Fall Down
1 Landing
1 Stand Up
1 Jump
1 Pre-Jump
1 Crouch
1 Crouch Walk
1 Turn Left
1 Turn Right
1 Typing

Now you can visit ::Axix::
Youtube channel ! for Demo videos and more things!
Ya podéis visitar el canal de ::Axix::
Youtube channel ! para los videos de Demos y mas cosillas!

 Taxi to :: Axix :: Mainstore.

lunes, 2 de diciembre de 2013

{ Winter Trend Fair SL 2013! }

New release for Winter Trend Fair SL 2013! Starts 29th Nov :)

Its my new prop ::Axix:: Forest Deer. Which includes 10 different poses & 5 different deer skins. You can also use fantasy deer with birds and leafs or normal without them! Regarding to different deer skins, you can choose winter (white), misty (gray), autum (brown), savannah (antelope) & bamby (looks like bamby!) Price is 300L$.

Este es mi nuevo prop ::Axix:: Forest Deer. El cual incluye 10 poses diferentes & 5 pieles de ciervo diferentes. También puedes usar la versión fantasías con pajarillos y hojas, o la versión normal sin éstos! Con respecto a las diferentes pieles del ciervo, puedes elegir winter (blanco), misty (gris), autum (marron), savannah (antilope) & bamby (como Bamby!) El precio es 300L$.

I included special gift for Winter Trend SL 2013 on Axix spot. Come look for it and take yours! It will be available till 13th december. Hurry up!

Incluí un regalo especial para la Winter Trend SL 2013 en el espacio de Axix. Ven a buscarlo y coge el tuyo! Solo estará disponible hasta el 13 de diciembre. Date prisa!

And also you can find available in store the following new releases ::Axix:: Gaga Mask and Susperia Hairband. Both of them includes a hud for color & metal textures, just 100 L$ each! See the pictures.

También podéis encontrar en la tienda las siguientes novedades ::Axix:: Gaga Mask and Susperia Hairband. Ambos incluyen un hud para cambiar las texturas del color y de los metales, por solo 100 L$ cada una! Consultar las fotos.