domingo, 11 de mayo de 2014

*Fantasy Gactha Carnival*

May is protagoniced by *The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival* where the sim is full of many designers and their gatcha machines! The event will run during this month, so be patient if the sim still full all the time! lol :P

There are my new gactha releases for Fantasy Gatcha Carnival. ::Axix:: Maev Set with 3 different versions of face chains in 4 color each one, rares & ultra rares are Maev Halos in common or special colors. Only 50L$ Per try! Good luck!

This is my second gatcha machine for the event ::Axix:: Morpheus Set that looks wonderful both in male and females, there are 8 different versions of neck tattoo, rares & ultra rares are Morpheu Face Straps in common or special color hud with additional colors. 50L$ Per play! Good luck!

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