viernes, 9 de mayo de 2014

Summary of the latest news!

Hello all!

Hope you missed me! I have return and im going to update the blog with last releases and news about the store. Do not lose touch! ;)

First of all I wanna present our new room : **The Fantasy Room**  its a monthly event, full of new releases with discounted prices (less than 100L$) , all carefully located in a lovely magic forest. We want to bring our customers amazing items focused in fantasy, medieval and gorean stuff, perfect for their daily roleplay: clothing, hairs, accessories, weapons, furniture and props, etc. So come on and explore by yourself! There are new realeases in each round, from 5th till 25th every month!

So below I show you my releases for previous rounds which you can find at the store right now :)

 Unisex tattoo compatible with lolas.

Tirbal Hairpin Mihara.

To continue, if you have gatcha machine fever do not miss these ones! Unisex Hood & necklaces, and single or couple poses for warriors. Weapons included!

So you are looking for new poses? There are four new releases for best models & photographs of SL! Lord & Lady Crow pack includes the crows to take your own pictures.


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